We are a professional nursery with qualified staff that provide a secure, safe, and sensitive care in a stimulating and fun learning environment, always fulfilling our goal to support children’s need to be lifelong learners.

The nursery curriculum follows the government framework, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The framework's purpose is to ensure that children are provided with a rich learning experience, tailored to their individual needs, whilst being cared for in a happy, safe, and secure environment.

The four main principals of the EYFS are:

  • A unique child - Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.
  • Positive relationships - Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
  • Enabling environments - Children learn well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers.
  • Learning and development - Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates.

The seven areas of development in the EYFS consist of three prime areas and four specific areas of development.

Communication & Language:

  • Listening & Attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking
Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Managing feelings & behaviour
  • Making relationships

  • Numbers
  • Shape
  • Space & measures
Understanding the World:

  • People & communities
  • The world
  • Technology
Expressive arts & design:

  • Exploring , using media & materials
  • Being imaginative

  • Reading
  • Writing
Physical Development:

  • Moving & handling
  • Health and self-care

Using this Government framework we can chart each child’s development from birth – five years old, supported by adult led and child initiated experiences in an accessible learning environment.

We respect the role of parents and aim to work in partnership to identify each child’s needs and provide regular communication on their progress. All our rooms are set up to offer the child all the developmental areas appropriate to their age group. The nursery operates a key person approach where we encourage a close and informative relationship between yourself and your child’s key person. We will ask for as much information as possible in order to aid a smooth and well prepared transition from home to nursery.

We also recommend visits before starting so your child can familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. You are always welcome to arrange a meeting with your child’s key person to discuss any matters concerning your child’s progress and of course his/her development file is available for you to take home to read.