Welcome to the Park Oak Room

2 to 3 Years (Approx.)

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In the Park Oak Room, the day becomes a little more structured with a balance between child initiated play and adult initiated learning.

All the areas in the Park Oak room are appropriately equipped for this age group. Every activity is a learning opportunity. Everyday activities like counting, looking at shapes and talking about size can help children develop early numeracy and maths skills.

In the Park Oak Room, children have the opportunity to always sing, dance to music and practice nursery rhymes, which promotes new language and enhances social and emotional skills.

As you can see, we are always singing and moving to music in the Park Oak Room. These particular expressive activities promote children’s motor skills as well as balance and coordination.

Plenty of painting, mark making and messy play activities are provided for our children. Theses activities stimulate creativity and expand a child’s imagination. Children will begin to observe and explore the world around them through messy and mark making play.

We work with parents to support toilet training. We encourage children to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene and hand washing where they can develop self-care skills. We have a toilet training policy and advice handout to support Parents and carers in this area.

Each child will be allocated their own key person before they start in the Park Oak Room. This key person will work closely with the child and parent. The key person will ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs.

We recommend that each child attends settling in sessions before they start at Park Day. This will help children starting with us to become more comfortable and secure with their new surroundings. Settling in sessions will also give Parents and Carers the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

At Park Day Nursery, we use Famly, an online platform in which you will receive photos of your child, important posts, events and invoices. Parents and Carers with children up to 3 years, will receive daily updates via Famly communicating meals, sleep and nappy changes. Parents and Carers will receive an email to create their own Famly account once they register their child at Park Day.

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