Mealtimes are a important source of learning. We endeavour to be a positive influence on children’s attitudes and behaviour towards food.

Meal times are an important part of the social life of the day nursery and a time when we can reinforce children’s understanding of the importance of healthy living, along with promoting good table manners and correct use of cutlery.

Pre-School children are encouraged to serve themselves at meal times.
Milk, juice and water is available at meal and snack times, water is always available.

Sufficient time is given for the children to eat and drink in comfort so they may enjoy the occassion.
Fresh fruit is available daily.

As soon as babies show interest they are encouraged to feed themselves, with a member of staff always close by to provide a helping hand.
A weaning menu is available for babies.

The daily menu is based on a four week rotation and is displayed on the notice board in the pre-school entrance.
Breakfast is served between 8am - 8.30am, Lunch is eaten at 12.00 midday, the children bring a packed lunch.

Dinner is served at 4pm this is a freshly pre-pared meal.
Water is available throughout the day.
We cater for children who have special dietary needs where possible.

While your child is on formula milk we ask that the required number of prepared bottles are provided.